What is America really like, and what makes someone American?

In a constantly changing world, we are not defined by our nationality.  Rather we, as the people, have the opportunity to define it.  we.are.america(2012) will be a video mosaic of American society and will give all Americans the opportunity to do just that.

Any and all Americans will be able to participate in the creation of this project by recording and submitting their own two minute video statements, providing basic information about themselves as well as reflecting on what it means to be American.

Once received, the statements will be edited to overlap and interlock, visually and audibly displaying the diverse individuals that make up modern American society. The edited tracks will be timed to pop up and play across multiple screens for audiences online as well as in galleries.

The project will launch on 01.01.12 with  For details and instructions on how to let your voice be heard prior to launch, click here.

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