Italian Vacation

In Italy, Photo, Travel 2011 on June 14, 2011 at 12:56 pm

Oh my goodness, a whirlwind of a trip. In the past 11 days, I have left Paris, met up with my parents in Milan and done the following:

Seen the Last Supper
Driven to Verona, and all through the teeny streets of Verona
Delivered a letter to Juliet
Walked the streets of Venice
Taken back roads through the Italian countryside to Bologna
Driven to Florence
Visited the Duomo
Seen the David, and the rest of the Accademia
Taken a cooking class
Toured the Uffizi
Driven to Rome
Visited the Colosseum
Drank from the Trevi Fountain
Walked the Spanish steps
Toured the Palentine Hill
Saw the Sistine Chapel
Saw the Vatican Museums
Walked through St Peters
Drove to the Amalfi
Toured Pompeii
Drove the Amalfi Coast
Visited Luca
Took pictures of the Tower of Pisa
Walked along the Cinque Terre

Now I’m in Athens.

We had an amazing time – so so much fun. The iPad navigation saved us many times. But to be honest, right now I need a nap πŸ™‚

Here are just a few of the gazillion pictures we took:

Me and Mom in Venice

Me and the iPad leading Dad into the great unknown of Tuscany’s windy backroads

Leaning on the Tower of Pisa… this picture goes out to the residents of the Winchester

  1. so you’re really not coming to Istanbul? you are so close. and there are no strikes here. just saying. looks like you have been plenty busy though πŸ™‚

    • Sadly, it is true. I am not coming this time. On the upside, I will have school holidays free while in France, and Turkey is tip top of my destination list. Is this Bonks or Jadi? Leaving Turkey any time soon?

  2. you forgot UNBELIEVABLE FOOD and wine and the best cappacinos in the world!!

  3. back to the states for a little while. don’t know what else from there. maybe back to turkey eventually.

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