Football, More Football and French

In France, Travel 2011 on May 30, 2011 at 9:14 pm

Well, it’s a good thing I love my rugby, because it’s headed toward the final for the Top 14 in France, which means semi-finals were this weekend. Stéphane and I watched one match on Friday, and the second match we watched on Saturday.

Firstly, and I’m sorry Oz, but French rugby is actually a bit more fun to watch than Aussie rugby. I was pretty impressed by Toulouse, and figure they are going to win the final next weekend.

We also had a little peak at the Barcelona v Manchester U Champions League final. I’m not even a football fan, but I’ll admit that it was a pretty awesome game, and if I have to pick a football team one day, Barcelona is looking like a pretty good option.

I also got to meet quite a few of Stéphane’s friends this weekend. It was a lot of fun, but a bit nerve wracking as well. It was the first time we had really been in a group of people where everyone was speaking French all the time. With one American as a flatmate, most of the other flatmates are comfortable using English around the apartment as well. So even there, I can always communicate.

Anyway, I’m glad I got to feel what it’s like. His friends are really lovely, and spoke to me in English when they could, and even when we couldn’t talk, we still had so much fun dancing and being silly, celebrating a friend’s birthday. However, I also realized that my frustration with stunted communication will be a real obstacle that I will have to work to overcome. The real answer to the situation is to learn French. Just another giant red flag that now is the time for me to do it. So I have to work on actually speaking and using what I already know, while learning more. I’ll get there… It’s just going to take some time, and what is looking like a definite move to Paris.


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