A Glimpse at the Glitz and a Day in Nice

In France, Photo, Travel 2011 on May 22, 2011 at 11:54 pm

Well, the French riviera most certainly has a bit of a reputation to live up to, and live up to it, it did.

I pulled into Nice with Fern, who was headed back home to see some friends, and immediately saw a bit of the overflowing Festival de Cannes: linen suits, gold sandals, high end shopping bags, and that was just the train station.

I checked into my hostel without any trouble and primped myself as much as I could for a trip farther along the coast to Cannes – hopes of sunshine, celebrity sightings and perhaps even and inside look. . .if I could just get my hands on some accreditation!

I must say, even without accreditation, the film festival at Cannes is something to see. The promenade along the beach is lined with schedules and stands offering paninis and gelato. Hotels, like the iconic Carlton, boast massive movie posters advertising the latest blockbusters. The Cinema de la Plage (movies on the beach) screen stands at the edge of the water, sunbathers sprawled in front, dividing the festival complexes from the line of swanky, if not overpriced, beach bars.

Walking farther along, toward the Palais (festival headquarters) the media sheds for each country stretch along the shore – country pennants waving proudly, perhaps none more proudly than Egypt, this years special guest at the festival.

And finally, the Palais, a white contemporary building standing proudly, showing off the main billing for the 64th Festival, with the red carpet stretching ahead of it.

Across the street, paparazzi have already claimed their places, and after an afternoon in the sand, I meandered my way to a viewing spot to try and catch a glimpse of someone famous. Sean Penn from afar, and maybe just maybe George Clooney on the street…. But I’m not 100% sure. It all happened so fast.

It is certainly something to see, arguably the most famous and prestigious film festival in the world, and on the French Riviera – a place know for the refined decadent lifestyle on the Côte .

My second day on the riviera was a walk through Nice, with the flower markets, a Niçoise Salad, and a lay on the beach.

Anyone would be hard pressed to find a spot more iconic than this area. It is the perfect place to experience the beach and the lifestyle of the riviera: sitting in the sun, drinking a Perrier, and people watching – the highlight of which was a very serious roller skater (yes, on four wheels) who was zigzagging in and out of his cones in fluorescent spandex with a Walkman clipped on his waistband.

A really beautiful spot, but I must admit I’m ready to head up to Paris.

But before I leave, I have to skype with my sister…. To congratulate her n her engagement!

A few pictures below:

The Palais

As close to the red carpet as I could get 🙂

View from where I ate in Nice. You don’t get much more “azur” than that.

  1. you drank perrier (shocked) its a BEER! WOOHOO maybe we are related 😉 love you!

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