Leaving Baiardo

In Italy, Photo, Travel 2011 on May 19, 2011 at 11:48 pm

After Stéphane left, I must admit I was a bit concerned that I would hit quite a low on my own.

With my work, I started to focus on getting all the houses to about the same level, a daunting task ruled by my newly created excel sheet (yes even in Baiardo I managed to make an excel sheet).

Much to my delight, my low never came. Of course I’m anxious to get back into France, see Nice and Cannes and get back to Paris, but Baiardo this week was lovely.

First of all I met Jimmy. Jimmy is the British guy who lives in Baiardo and is basically Arrigo’s right hand man. We had an incredibly entertaining evening drinking cider that a friend had brought over for him and chatting about our own lives and experiences – one of my favorite activities while traveling.

I spent my last two days enjoying my surrounds and really trying to take it all in. It’s been a beautiful stay that has allowed me to really reflect on where I’ve been and where I may be headed.

See below for finally two of the most lovely pictures from my bedroom window.

For a bit of a poetic end to my trip, the bus driver who had was ever so patient with my motion sickness while Stéphane was visiting was the driver for final trip down. I could see the fear in his eyes, but for the record, I was only sick on the bus that one time. I blame Stéph.

For my last night here in Sanremo, I’m spending a bit of time with Fern and Nikki and also their new housemate, Dave. Three lovely people who have made me feel more than welcome by sharing their own stories and sending me on my way with a delicious thai dinner and a movie.

For the record, this photo is only cropped. The colors are real.

Taken from my the window of my very last fateful bus ride. The little tower at the top of the hill is the church just next to where I lived.


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