On My Own in Baiardo

In Italy, Travel 2011 on May 12, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Well there you go – lesson number one about Baiardo. There is one wi-fi connection available, and more often than not, the owner of said wi-fi connection tends to make it a bit difficult for people to use it. Although, I can’t really blame him. Apparently someone once sat in there for 3 hours only ordering one tiny little espresso. Needless to say it’s no longer free.

I spent the first weekend with Nikki and Fern in Sanremo. We had a lovely, and pretty eventful couple nights out, capped off by a YouTube marathon of stupid internet videos. But now I’m back in Baiardo, already finished with my first week and preparing for my next weekend.

So what’s going on in Baiardo?

Well first of all, there’s the work. The houses that are associated with ACLE are at the very top of the town next this beautiful stone church that was brought down by an earthquake years and years ago. The houses, too, were nearly destroyed, but a man named Arrigo has built them, back up and now runs them as guest houses for retreats and things like that.

Basically, I have a list from Arrigo of things that need to be done in each house. They all have varying needs including heavy duty cleaning, polishing furniture (sort of my favorite), cobweb removal (least favorite), and matching up of bed linens, dishes, etc. I pretty much spend my day bee bopping around to music on my iPad while doing a bit of work and enjoying my surroundings.

But, of course, lots of time on your own, means lots of time to think…..

So, yes, I’ve been thinking, getting a bit frustrated by some of my thinking, and also sorting some things out with my bits of thinking.

Firstly, I’ve started to reflect a bit on the places I’ve been, the things I’ve done, stuff I’ve learned and people I have met. It’s all been really wonderful, and I really do appreciate everything I’ve had the chance to do, but I’ve realized that part of my original reason for spending this time traveling is not being filled….

I still am no closer to figuring out what comes next.

I realized at this point, that it’s very likely I will end my time traveling with my month in Greece – assuming I can go there… weird immigration issue to sort out still. But to be honest, if I started looking for work right now, I’d be in the same position I left, pursuing something that I no longer know if I want.

So, I’ve started to think about alternatives, namely another opportunity to live abroad – particularly in Europe.

I’m leaning toward Paris because I would love an opportunity to live there and learn the language, and it is something I have wanted to do since 2007. However, I’m also looking at bit at London or maybe somewhere in Ireland; and despite the fact that it is frustrating me to have no idea what comes next, I’m enjoying being able to explore opportunities and imagine what they may be like.

Baiardo is a great place to let your mind wander, and as I learned in Portugal, often a big open space, some time to yourself and a wandering mind allows for thoughts you didn’t know you had.

On a completely different note, Stéphane is coming down for the weekend. I’ve pulled a couple extra hours each day so I can have Friday off to meet him. We’ll spend the days in Sanremo and stay here in Baiardo…. Not sure how he’ll like it. I probably could have been a bit more clear about how in the middle of nowhere I really am 🙂


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