Weekend in Fontainebleau

In France, Photo, Travel 2011 on April 24, 2011 at 5:16 pm

Well surprise part two!

After a few changes in plan – even on a short trip, life throws a few curve balls – Alex and Marcus ended up back in Fontainebleau for the weekend.

We had a great night out at party hosted by some of the students at Justin’s school. Oh, and by party I mean massive white party shindig at a proper château.

On Saturday, we hosted a fabulous Aussie style BBQ, complete with sausages, skewers, potato salad, cucumber salad, and Sangria. We even had a lovely second Australian to join us – Marcus being the first.

Sunday brought a little adventure in Fontainebleau. To the forest we went for a little hike, picnic and a few attempts at “bouldering” – in quotes because I’m not sure whether or not me, Kel and Liz scrambling up rock really counts as sport. Either way we had a great time, wrapped up with a bit of dinner, and started to sort ourselves out for the coming week.

Justin and Kelsey are headed to Germany with a friend. The timing doesn’t work quite right for me to go with them though. So instead of me staying in Fonty on my own, Stéphane has offered to host me at his place, conveniently located right in Paris for ease of access to all the museums, trains, and other little sightseeing resources I can’t wait to make use of.

So off we go on our own little adventurers, sure to rendez-vous before I head to Italy.

The crew for the Aussie BBQ – Australians on the right. Also, a little peek at Paco the puppy in the left hand corner.


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