Surprise – Tripod, Assemble!

In France, Photo, Travel 2011 on April 18, 2011 at 1:00 pm

I already clarified that I would hit the highlights of France, but this one was most certainly a highlight of my trip in general, and pretty much something I have been counting down to since I started traveling back in February.

In the entry I just posted, I briefly mentioned Kelsey and my third entity, Alex. Remember there are three of us.

So here’s how the story goes:

Kelsey has always been a bit, shall we say, trusting. Because she is so trusting we have always found it entertaining and usually quite easy to surprise Kelsey. It’s actually become a favorite past time amounts friends.

Anyway, after Kelsey and I returned home from our day and night in Paris, Justin and I had our work cut out for us keeping our slightly worse for wear (as was I) bestie cheerful and open to having guests for dinner.

We had planned to host dinner with a few of their school friends that evening, when in fact it was all a decoy as those friends where simply stand in names for our real guests, Alex and Marcus – direct from OZ (via the
USA and Frankfurt, Germany).

Kelsey was under the impression that we would be skyping with our friends late that night, early morning Australia time, but the realtor as that they would be showing up for dinner. . . Well that’s what was what was supposed to happen.

They got a bit lost driving between Frankfurt and us. So, it took them a bit longer and Justin and I had to continue to make up a few lies here and there. Unfortunately everything we made up seemed to greatly upset Kelsey, and understandably so. She was under the impression that her friends had bailed on dinner last minute after she cooked all afternoon, that her adorable landlady was mad at us for being too loud, and that our friends in Australia had flaked on our skype date.

At last Alex and Marcus walked through the door, and all was forgiven as we explained all of the days little white lies.

A quick snapshot of our reunion below – we tend to get a bit teary eyed for both reunions and goodbyes.


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