Catch-up #2 – Lagos

In Photo, Portugal, Travel 2011 on April 1, 2011 at 2:20 am

Remember when you used to count down to Spring Break (TYTO!) and get all excited about going to Gulf Shores for the week and then when you got there it was like 50 degrees and cloudy?

Welcome to my 4 days in Lagos, except instead of MTVs Spring Break, I used iTunes and the thank god good Internet connection to rent Out of Africa.

Now, by no means was I after SB ’11, but I had looked forward to a few days on the Mediterranean beach. I miss the beach and really just wanted to brush up on my tan while tucking into a good book.

No fear, though, Lagos was not a total loss.

It is a cute little town on the edge of the country in the Algarve. First of all the drive (on bus) from Lisbon is really pretty. It is still amazing to me how different Portugal looks from one region to another: piney mountains lined with old terraces in the middle, with metropolitan coastal cities on the east, and then crystal blue Mediterranean coast on the south.

To be honest, there is not much to do, but that’s all the charm. Lagos has great cafes, good music at night, cute little bookshops (including an English book shop called Owl Story with a lovely Scottish owner who helped stock me up).

So I pretty much spent my time going for walks through the town, reading in the parks, being a little overly reflective, doing a bit of yoga on the beach (in my fleece) and finally, yes finally, reading in the sand and listening to music – in my bikini! It was a little breezy, but worth it!

And really, even without the sun, I couldn’t complain. I needed a good rest before my whirlwind of days ahead. That’s something I’m learning. Evening though I’m technically on an extended holiday, I’m moving around and staying active quite constantly. So I need to remember to put a few days here and there where all I need to do is curl up with a good book and enjoy what’s around me.

Too boring to surf, too cold to swim – but pretty to look at!

Not a bad setting for an afternoon stroll.

Some Lagos locals doing what they do best.

  1. i think, no, i know i would like this place!!!

  2. love the photos! If only I could join you… 😉

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