Rainy Days – 14 March

In Portugal, Travel 2011, WWOOF on March 19, 2011 at 10:31 am

In a place with a dry climate where there is always something to be done, a rainy day can be quite a blessing – not only a time for the surrounding environment to renew itself, but a time to turn your attention to tasks often deserted for sunny, hardworking days outside.

Looking at this beautiful house, it is impossible not to wonder how Vonny and Andrew manage it all with the smile and sense of calm that seems to surround them both. I know they are both so thankful to have Vonny’s mother Arlene nearby for both her good company and the help she is able to give them, and I like to think that we as the faithful WWOOFers are doing our part and earning our keep, at least while we’re here.

That being said, I know from my own parents and from my own personal experience that moving is always an ordeal of unpacking and decorating and refurbishing. This family not only moved, but they restored and built their houses with their own hands, only moving into this main house a year ago. The work that it takes to do that, coupled with the constant work that the surrounding farm and forest, means that there are little things here and there laying on their minds – the little every day tasks that help to make a house a home.

So, though a rainy day, we were more than happy to make our way through some of the things on that lingering list – washing windows, cleaning some scraps of paint and polishing a few exposed beams, sorting the shopping after Vonny and Andrew’s trip to town, and hanging some curtains that had just been sitting and waiting for a pair of hands and Vonny’s skillful eye to give them a place.

With at least some of the list taken care, we sat down to dinner in anticipation of a sunny day tomorrow – feeling pretty good about the little tasks we completed today.


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