London to Lisbon to Stone and Roses – 9 March 2011

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Just a note before I share the next few entries: I’m happily in the middle of Portugal, working and staying at Stones and Roses at Moses. Limited internet, I’m writing as I go, probably wont be able to post for you to see except for on weekends. So, here are a few that I’ve stockpiled, dates at the top.

Whirlwind of a day, and hard to believe that on 24 hours ago I was walking out of a West End theatre. Now I’m tucking myself into bed, excited to see what my surroundings look like in daylight.

After a very early morning flight, which had the happy little extra umph due to a free upgrade to business class (another point for London), I arrive in Lisbon and made my way to the city via public transport.

Despite the obvious language barrier, I didn’t have any troubles finding the hostel that I will be staying at near the end of March. They were so nice, letting my leave my bag in their store room so that I could explore Lisbon without the burden of my backpack.

I must admit, I took it quite easy. I’ve spent most of my trip so far jaunting from place to place, taking in icons while sipping tea in between. So I was more than happy to simply stroll down to the harbor, find a spot in the sun and sit.

Lisbon is absolutely beautiful; the picture of what you would expect – white buildings with red roofs, built into the side of the hills and cliffs, with white stone sidewalks and streets – a place I can’t wait to explore when I’m back here in a couple weeks.

But now, now I’m in the middle of Portugal, the nearest city a few hours away.

I took the bus from Lisbon to Oleiros where, to my relief, I was welcomed by two smiling faces of Andrew and Vonny, the leaders of the beautiful household at Stone and Roses at Moses.

After a winding drive farther into the valley, and a brief history of how they, a Londoner and Barbadian, ended up in the middle of Portugal (Click here for Vonny’s account), we drove through the little village of Amieira and down into the valley they call home. Their oldest kid, Josh, was there, playing the piano and welcoming us back. Tomorrow, I’ll meet Eloise, the younger daughter, and Arlene, Vonny’s mother.

They treated me to a bit of dinner made by Arlene – I will have to remember to thank her in the morning, as it was an absolutely delicious curry with rice, fresh veggies and a bit of meat. Then with a cup of tea and some good conversation, it was off to bed.

My room is simply the picture of comfort with a wooden double bed, stone walls and floor, and a single soft lamp: the perfect place for me to snuggle and rest before my first day of work.

Some quick pictures from Lisbon, will do my best to get some good ones of where I am now once I finally see what it looks like in daylight.

The plaza by the water

Mmm relaxing by the water – note no jacket.


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