If There Is a Farmers’ Market on Saturday Morning – I’m There

In Photo, Scotland, Travel 2011 on March 7, 2011 at 1:38 am

You know every once in a while I realize there is something about me that just screams girl: my love of brunch, my love of Nicholas Sparks novels on the beach, and now my love of farmers markets.

I can’t help it, and I don’t need to. Why? Because it seems that nearly everywhere has a market to share with me.

Tucked in the shadow of the castle, as everything in this city is, Edinburgh’s market is every Saturday morning, year round – about 60 stalls of fresh organic goodness.

I started my stroll through the market by snagging a cup of fresh, organic porridge laced with raw honey, fresh raspberries and a little bit of cream – a much needed cup of toasty goodness with the chilly start to the day, and may I say awesome. So so good.

There were the usual stalls of cheese, meats, soaps, jams (also awesome), breads (which I bought and am eating a slice of as I type) and then, the pièce de résistance: slow roasted pork sandwiches.

Lord knows I love a slow roast, and I had been at the market just long enough to
label my porridge as breakfast and claim the sandwich as an early lunch. So I sauntered up and requested my pork on a roll, complete with seasoned onions and . . . Haggis spread.

Delicious! Like unreal yummy.

So not only was it a successful trip to another Saturday morning market, but I can now officially rank myself among those who love haggis – and I’m not lying. It really is good.

Most amazing porridge ever.

Sourdough Rye so delicious you can eat it by itself – no spread needed.

Slow roast sandwich sent from heaven.

So good I’m willing to share a picture of me eating it. I’m trying to smile, but my mouth was too full.


  1. Made me hungry reading this. Glad you are into the farmer’s market scene. So, what breed of hogs produced this wonderful pork? How would you describe the taste? Since I am such a dedicated carnivore I am always interested in the quality and taste of meat. When I started eating grass fed meat I realized that meat does not have to have spices and/or sauce in order to taste good. Now I am spoiled. Heard you might be WOOFing. We are considering hosting some WOOFERS this year on our farm. Pros and cons, so not sure yet if I will do it. Guess I will be keeping up with you on this blog. Good luck!

  2. Send me a sandwich.

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