From Dublin to Belfast to the Top of Arthur’s Seat

In Photo, Scotland, Travel 2011 on March 1, 2011 at 6:02 pm

Bit of a split topic blog today – I meant to write as I was traveling from Dublin, but just didn’t get a chance to on account of the fact that i was sleeping.

I left Dublin at 3AM (so the sleeping was warranted) on a bus to Belfast, took a ferry from Belfast to Stranraer across the Irish sea (with a bunch of footy fans making the trip to watch Ireland play Scotland on the Six Nations Tournament), and then bussed it to Edinburgh.

My last day in Dublin was perfectly relaxed. I reveled in the luxury of a washing machine – something I know will eventually be lost to me – and after another trip to the markets on a shockingly sunny Dublin day, I cooked dinner for Meg and Belcher while packing up my things. Oh, we also went for lunch at a floating restaurant Michael heard about called Crackbird, and I’m not kidding, we had the best fried chicken I have ever had in my entire life – and that’s coming from a Kentuckian.

And now I’m in Edinburgh. I have to admit: leaving Dublin was a bit sad. I had gotten quite comfortable with my newly found friends of the JDIFF, not to mention the amazing hospitality of my hosts. But I’m now in a city I know and love, spending time with one of my very best friends.

I had the absolutely amazing opportunity to visit Edinburgh during the fringe festival twice during high school. Our theater department performed two shows here at the fringe. So this city already holds some very fond memories for me – some that are very vivid and some that have just come back to me while walking around.

It’s interesting to be someplace already familiar while also seeing it in an entirely different light. . . In this particular instance, I’ve never seen the city so quiet – without the 1000s street performers crowding then royal mile.

Yesterday, I climbed Arthur’s Seat with my friend Casey and a new friend Matt, not only is it a spectacular view of the city, but it sits right behind the dorms where we stayed during our high school trips. I could pick out my dorm building and the buildings where we ate and where we had dances. On our walk home after the climb, we even came across the pub where I had my very first drink. . . And got in lots of warranted trouble – my only major delinquent moment of high school. Interested to see what else I come across during my week here. Lots of memories old and new I’m sure, vut for now a few pictures from what I think is the prettiest view in Edinburgh, and what Casey is sure to describe as a death defying trek down Arthur’s Seat.

View of Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat.

Casey and I at the top. Thanks to Matt I didn’t have to use the self-timer.

All three of us – feeling pretty good about life, as you do with a view like that.

Casey’s death defying skills.

And one last one for the day. Just as the sun went down.


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