Day Trips out of Dublin

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As anyone who knows anyone who has ever gone to Europe probably already knows, one of the most charming elements of this part of the world is that you can drive six hours and be in an entirely different culture with an entirely different language and an entirely different way of life.

What I think is even more interesting is how, even in a small country like Ireland, you can go a couple hours, or even only thirty minutes, outside the city limits and find nearly the same sort of diversity. In Dublin, for me, my quick trips were Howth and Kilkenny.

Traveling to Howth via the DART is something nearly every visitor to Dublin will do, and it is usually at the top of the list. It’s the place to escape the bustle of Dublin’s narrow streets for some open air, sea breeze and a bit of fish and chips; and even with the typically foggy skies, the shorelines of the self-proclaimed “sleepy fishing town” is still a favorite destination.

Below is my first video editing attempt with the iPad: a bit of my day in Howth.

Please do ignore the jumpy bits – though the iPad is spectacular, it has its flaws (I’m actually a bit angry with it right now – perhaps I should name it so that I can yell at it. . . )

For a bit more of a stereotypical look at Ireland, Kilkenny is a quick little side trip easily managed in a day. Complete with a castle, some bridges, a few abbeys and some pubs, you don’t get much more picturesque. . . Until of course you add in the green rolling hills, the sheep and the shaggy horses you pass on the bus ride there.

Below are a few quick snaps from my afternoon in Kilkenny. I’ve also embedded a YouTube video that Belcher did. Shows off some of the music during Trad Fest in January. So have a listen so you can hear what I’ve been talking, and really get in the mood to scroll through some more pictures of Ireland.

Trad Music:


Kilkenny along the river. The castle is behind me.

In front of Kilkenny Castle. I have a feeling this is not the last time you will see a picture of me with a castle in the background.

Castle Park – again, the crocuses are compliments of the Rotary Clubs in Ireland.

On steps up to the cathedral and Black Friar’s Abbey. Kilkenny has lots of little stone alleys and stairways like this.

Also, just an FYI. I’ve posted a link at the bottom left of the blog page for my MobileMe gallery. I figure you don’t need to see every picture and video I take, but there are more pics and videos to view there if anyone is interested.


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