Two Planes, a Bus, and Finally in Dublin

In Ireland, Travel 2011 on February 15, 2011 at 6:38 pm

One Valentine’s Day, two airports, and a five hour time difference later, I am finally in Dublin.

Strange how things work out like they do. Back around July of last year, when I first really committed to the idea of this trip, I sort of mused over how appropriately poetic it would be to leave the day after my 25th birthday, and, luckily I suppose, the plane ticket prices allowed for just that.

I have to say, the pre-departure nerves were stronger than expected. I always get a little jittery when leaving after a trip home, despite the fact that I haven’t really lived there since I left for college nearly seven years ago. But regardless of nerves, I packed my bag (it all fit), listened to my dad’s last safety reminders (which i will heed), and hopped on the plane.

Pretty uneventful from there – landed on time and made my way into the city.

Have to say, I’ve left my need to plan every moment of every day at home, but I am still a perfectionist. After two semesters abroad and two and a half years in Sydney, I’m used to living abroad. I’m also used to being in a place long enough to really know it. So I will certainly have to adjust to this feeling of not always knowing exactly where I am, and embrace the mishaps that could come with that . . . And being fine with that.

That being said, I’ve sort of waded into the shallow end here – not planned that way, but kind of nice. First, we’re still speaking English- granted heavily accented, but still English. I also have two friends who are living here. So im not entirely on my own. Meg is a rotary scholar studying popular literature and Belcher just finished his masters in mass communication. Lovely friends of mine from Montreat who have graciously let me nap on their couch and offered up their air mattress for my comfort. Meg also happens to have a blog that is certainly worth checking out (click here).

Just waiting for the rain to let up so I can do a bit of exploring. Fingers crossed for some atypical sunny weather in the near future. I can get away with laying fairly low this afternoon, but tomorrow it’s out and about rainy or not.

  1. here is megs blog address for those having trouble

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