Leggings and Cameras and Soap, Oh My!

In Pre-departure, Travel 2011 on February 4, 2011 at 6:12 am

Ughk, what a day!  So I’m nine days from take off, and I could just about do a map of today’s travel alone.  Today was a massive errand day, running from place to place, in an effort to get everything ready to go.

Now, I will certainly do my very best to check my type A personality at the gate when I leave Louisville, but until then neuroses are in full swing – making lists upon of lists of what I need to take with me (carefully planned packing lists, complete with macro tick boxes) and what I still need to buy before leaving.

Today I made a dent.  Today I got closer.

Things still to find?  Brown tights, black (or black themed) shorts, and few other odds and ends. But I’m almost there, and that’s what counts.

Now, I just have to be sure it will all fit in my backpack and that I will be able to lift it – here’s hoping, because if it doesn’t fit, it isn’t going!


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